Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD


slok mÚ 1 ] (1291-1)
salok mehlaa 1.
Shalok, First Mehl:

Gr mih Gru dyKwie dyie so siqguru purKu sujwxu ] (1291-1)
ghar meh ghar daykhaa-ay day-ay so satgur purakh sujaan.
The True Guru is the All-knowing Primal Being; He shows us our true home within the home of the self.

pMc sbd Duinkwr Duin qh bwjY sbdu nIswxu ] (1291-1)
panch sabad Dhunikaar Dhun tah baajai sabad neesaan.
The Panch Shabad, the Five Primal Sounds, resonate and resound within; the insignia of the Shabad is revealed there, vibrating gloriously.

dIp loA pwqwl qh KMf mMfl hYrwnu ] (1291-2)
deep lo-a paataal tah khand mandal hairaan.
Worlds and realms, nether regions, solar systems and galaxies are wondrously revealed.

qwr Gor bwijMqR qh swic qKiq sulqwnu ] (1291-2)
taar ghor baajintar tah saach takhat sultaan.
The strings and the harps vibrate and resound; the true throne of the Lord is there.

suKmn kY Gir rwgu suin suMin mMfil ilv lwie ] (1291-3)
sukhman kai ghar raag sun sunn mandal liv laa-ay.
Listen to the music of the home of the heart - Sukhmani, peace of mind. Lovingly tune in to His state of celestial ecstasy.

AkQ kQw bIcwrIAY mnsw mnih smwie ] (1291-3)
akath kathaa beechaaree-ai mansaa maneh samaa-ay.
Contemplate the Unspoken Speech, and the desires of the mind are dissolved.

aulit kmlu AMimRiq BirAw iehu mnu kqhu n jwie ] (1291-4)
ulat kamal amrit bhari-aa ih man katahu na jaa-ay.
The heart-lotus is turned upside-down, and is filled with Ambrosial Nectar. This mind does not go out; it does not get distracted.

Ajpw jwpu n vIsrY Awid jugwid smwie ] (1291-4)
ajpaa jaap na veesrai aad jugaad samaa-ay.
It does not forget the Chant which is chanted without chanting; it is immersed in the Primal Lord God of the ages.

siB sKIAw pMcy imly gurmuiK inj Gir vwsu ] (1291-5)
sabh sakhee-aa panchay milay gurmukh nij ghar vaas.
All the sister-companions are blessed with the five virtues. The Gurmukhs dwell in the home of the self deep within.

sbdu Koij iehu Gru lhY nwnku qw kw dwsu ]1] (1291-5)
sabad khoj ih ghar lahai naanak taa kaa daas. ||1||
Nanak is the slave of that one who seeks the Shabad and finds this home within. ||1||

mÚ 1 ] (1291-6)
mehlaa 1.
First Mehl:

icilimil ibsIAwr dunIAw PwnI ] (1291-6)
chilimil bisee-aar dunee-aa faanee.
The extravagant glamor of the world is a passing show.

kwlUib Akl mn gor n mwnI ] (1291-6)
kaaloob akal man gor na maanee.
My twisted mind does not believe that it will end up in a grave.

mn kmIn kmqrIn qU drIAwau KudwieAw ] (1291-7)
man kameen kamatreen too daree-aa-o khudaa-i-aa.
I am meek and lowly; You are the great river.

eyku cIju muJY dyih Avr jhr cIj n BwieAw ] (1291-7)
ayk cheej mujhai deh avar jahar cheej na bhaa-i-aa.
Please, bless me with the one thing; everything else is poison, and does not tempt me.

purwb Kwm kUjY ihkmiq KudwieAw ] (1291-8)
puraab khaam koojai hikmat khudaa-i-aa.
You filled this fragile body with the water of life, O Lord, by Your Creative Power.

mn quAwnw qU kudrqI AwieAw ] (1291-8)
man tu-aanaa too kudratee aa-i-aa.
By Your Omnipotence, I have become powerful.

sg nwnk dIbwn msqwnw inq cVY svwieAw ] (1291-8)
sag naanak deebaan mastaanaa nit charhai savaa-i-aa.
Nanak is a dog in the Court of the Lord, intoxicated more and more, all the time.

Awqs dunIAw Kunk nwmu KudwieAw ]2] (1291-9)
aatas dunee-aa khunak naam khudaa-i-aa. ||2||
The world is on fire; the Name of the Lord is cooling and soothing. ||2||

pauVI nvI mÚ 5 ] (1291-9)
pa-orhee navee mehlaa 5.
New Pauree, Fifth Mehl:

sBo vrqY clqu clqu vKwixAw ] (1291-10)
sabho vartai chalat chalat vakhaani-aa.
His wonderful play is all-pervading; it is wonderful and amazing!

pwrbRhmu prmysru gurmuiK jwixAw ] (1291-10)
paarbarahm parmaysar gurmukh jaani-aa.
As Gurmukh, I know the the Transcendent Lord, the Supreme Lord God.

lQy siB ivkwr sbid nIswixAw ] (1291-10)
lathay sabh vikaar sabad neesaani-aa.
All my sins and corruption are washed away, through the insignia of the Shabad, the Word of God.

swDU sMig auDwru Bey inkwixAw ] (1291-11)
saaDhoo sang uDhaar bha-ay nikaani-aa.
In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, one is saved, and becomes free.

ismir ismir dwqwru siB rMg mwixAw ] (1291-11)
simar simar daataar sabh rang maani-aa.
Meditating, meditating in remembrance on the Great Giver, I enjoy all comforts and pleasures.

prgtu BieAw sMswir imhr CwvwixAw ] (1291-12)
pargat bha-i-aa sansaar mihar chhaavaani-aa.
I have become famous throughout the world, under the canopy of His kindness and grace.

Awpy bKis imlwey sd kurbwixAw ] (1291-12)
aapay bakhas milaa-ay sad kurbaani-aa.
He Himself has forgiven me, and united me with Himself; I am forever a sacrifice to Him.

nwnk ley imlwie KsmY BwixAw ]27] (1291-12)
naanak la-ay milaa-ay khasmai bhaani-aa. ||27||
O Nanak, by the Pleasure of His Will, my Lord and Master has blended me with Himself. ||27||

slok mÚ 1 ] (1291-13)
salok mehlaa 1.
Shalok, First Mehl:

DMnu su kwgdu klm DMnu Dnu BWfw Dnu msu ] (1291-13)
Dhan so kaagad kalam Dhan Dhan bhaaNdaa Dhan mas.
Blessed is the paper, blessed is the pen, blessed is the inkwell, and blessed is the ink.

Dnu lyKwrI nwnkw ijin nwmu ilKwieAw scu ]1] (1291-13)
Dhan laykhaaree naankaa jin naam likhaa-i-aa sach. ||1||
Blessed is the writer, O Nanak, who writes the True Name. ||1||

mÚ 1 ] (1291-14)
mehlaa 1.
First Mehl:

Awpy ptI klm Awip aupir lyKu iB qUM ] (1291-14)
aapay patee kalam aap upar laykh bhe tooN.
You Yourself are the writing tablet, and You Yourself are the pen. You are also what is written on it.

eyko khIAY nwnkw dUjw kwhy kU ]2] (1291-15)
ayko kahee-ai naankaa doojaa kaahay koo. ||2||
Speak of the One Lord, O Nanak; how could there be any other? ||2||

pauVI ] (1291-15)

qUM Awpy Awip vrqdw Awip bxq bxweI ] (1291-15)
tooN aapay aap varatdaa aap banat banaa-ee.
You Yourself are all-pervading; You Yourself made the making.

quDu ibnu dUjw ko nhI qU rihAw smweI ] (1291-16)
tuDh bin doojaa ko nahee too rahi-aa samaa-ee.
Without You, there is no other at all; You are permeating and pervading everywhere.

qyrI giq imiq qUhY jwxdw quDu kImiq pweI ] (1291-16)
tayree gat mit toohai jaandaa tuDh keemat paa-ee.
You alone know Your state and extent. Only You can estimate Your worth.

qU AlK Agocru Agmu hY gurmiq idKweI ] (1291-16)
too alakh agochar agam hai gurmat dikhaa-ee.
You are invisible, imperceptible and inaccessible. You are revealed through the Guru's Teachings.

AMqir AigAwnu duKu Brmu hY gur igAwin gvweI ] (1291-17)
antar agi-aan dukh bharam hai gur gi-aan gavaa-ee.
Deep within, there is ignorance, suffering and doubt; through the spiritual wisdom of the Guru, they are eradicated.

ijsu ik®pw krih iqsu myil lYih so nwmu iDAweI ] (1291-18)
jis kirpaa karahi tis mayl laihi so naam Dhi-aa-ee.
He alone meditates on the Naam, whom You unite with Yourself, in Your Mercy.

qU krqw purKu AgMmu hY rivAw sB TweI ] (1291-18)
too kartaa purakh agamm hai ravi-aa sabh thaa-ee.
You are the Creator, the Inaccessible Primal Lord God; You are all-pervading everywhere.

ijqu qU lwieih sicAw iqqu ko lgY nwnk gux gweI ]28]1] suDu ] (1291-19)
jit too laa-ihi sachi-aa tit ko lagai naanak gun gaa-ee. ||28||1|| suDh.
To whatever You link the mortal, O True Lord, to that he is linked. Nanak sings Your Glorious Praises. ||28||1|| Sudh||


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD