Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD


gurmuiK nwmu jpY auDrY so kil mih Git Git nwnk mwJw ]4]3]50] (748-1)
gurmukh naam japai uDhrai so kal meh ghat ghat naanak maajhaa. ||4||3||50||
One who, as Gurmukh, chants the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is saved. In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, O Nanak, God is permeating the hearts of each and every being. ||4||3||50||

sUhI mhlw 5 ] (748-2)
soohee mehlaa 5.
Soohee, Fifth Mehl:

jo ikCu krY soeI pRB mwnih Eie rwm nwm rMig rwqy ] (748-2)
jo kichh karai so-ee parabh maaneh o-ay raam naam rang raatay.
Whatever God causes to happen is accepted, by those who are attuned to the Love of the Lord's Name.

iqn@ kI soBw sBnI QweI ijn@ pRB ky crx prwqy ]1] (748-3)
tinH kee sobhaa sabhnee thaa-ee jinH parabh kay charan paraatay. ||1||
Those who fall at the Feet of God are respected everywhere. ||1||

myry rwm hir sMqw jyvfu n koeI ] (748-3)
mayray raam har santaa jayvad na ko-ee.
O my Lord, no one is as great as the Lord's Saints.

Bgqw bix AweI pRB Apny isau jil Qil mhIAil soeI ]1] rhwau ] (748-3)
bhagtaa ban aa-ee parabh apnay si-o jal thal mahee-al so-ee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
The devotees are in harmony with their God; He is in the water, the land, and the sky. ||1||Pause||

koit ApRwDI sMqsMig auDrY jmu qw kY nyiV n AwvY ] (748-4)
kot apraaDhee satsang uDhrai jam taa kai nayrh na aavai.
Millions of sinners have been saved in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; the Messenger of Death does not even approach them.

jnm jnm kw ibCuiVAw hovY iqn@ hir isau Awix imlwvY ]2] (748-5)
janam janam kaa bichhurhi-aa hovai tinH har si-o aan milaavai. ||2||
Those who have been separated from the Lord, for countless incarnations, are reunited with the Lord again. ||2||

mwieAw moh Brmu Bau kwtY sMq srix jo AwvY ] (748-5)
maa-i-aa moh bharam bha-o kaatai sant saran jo aavai.
Attachment to Maya, doubt and fear are eradicated, when one enters the Sanctuary of the Saints.

jyhw mnorQu kir AwrwDy so sMqn qy pwvY ]3] (748-6)
jayhaa manorath kar aaraaDhay so santan tay paavai. ||3||
Whatever wishes one harbors, are obtained from the Saints. ||3||

jn kI mihmw kyqk brnau jo pRB Apny Bwxy ] (748-6)
jan kee mahimaa kaytak barna-o jo parabh apnay bhaanay.
How can I describe the glory of the Lord's humble servants? They are pleasing to their God.

khu nwnk ijn siqguru ByitAw sy sB qy Bey inkwxy ]4]4]51] (748-7)
kaho naanak jin satgur bhayti-aa say sabh tay bha-ay nikaanay. ||4||4||51||
Says Nanak, those who meet the True Guru, become independent of all obligations. ||4||4||51||

sUhI mhlw 5 ] (748-8)
soohee mehlaa 5.
Soohee, Fifth Mehl:

mhw Agin qy quDu hwQ dy rwKy pey qyrI srxweI ] (748-8)
mahaa agan tay tuDh haath day raakhay pa-ay tayree sarnaa-ee.
Giving me Your Hand, You saved me from the terrible fire, when I sought Your Sanctuary.

qyrw mwxu qwxu ird AMqir hor dUjI Aws cukweI ]1] (748-8)
tayraa maan taan rid antar hor doojee aas chukaa-ee. ||1||
Deep within my heart, I respect Your strength; I have abandoned all other hopes. ||1||

myry rwm rwie quDu iciq AwieAY aubry ] (748-9)
mayray raam raa-ay tuDh chit aa-i-ai ubray.
O my Sovereign Lord, when You enter my consciousness, I am saved.

qyrI tyk Brvwsw qum@rw jip nwmu qum@wrw auDry ]1] rhwau ] (748-9)
tayree tayk bharvaasaa tumHraa jap naam tumHaaraa uDhray. ||1|| rahaa-o.
You are my support. I count on You. Meditating on You, I am saved. ||1||Pause||

AMD kUp qy kwiF lIey qum@ Awip Bey ikrpwlw ] (748-10)
anDh koop tay kaadh lee-ay tumH aap bha-ay kirpaalaa.
You pulled me up out of the deep, dark pit. You have become merciful to me.

swir sm@wil srb suK dIey Awip kry pRiqpwlw ]2] (748-11)
saar samHaal sarab sukh dee-ay aap karay partipaalaa. ||2||
You care for me, and bless me with total peace; You Yourself cherish me. ||2||

AwpxI ndir kry prmysru bMDn kwit Cfwey ] (748-11)
aapnee nadar karay parmaysar banDhan kaat chhadaa-ay.
The Transcendent Lord has blessed me with His Glance of Grace; breaking my bonds, He has delivered me.

AwpxI Bgiq pRiB Awip krweI Awpy syvw lwey ]3] (748-12)
aapnee bhagat parabh aap karaa-ee aapay sayvaa laa-ay. ||3||
God Himself inspires me to worship Him; He Himself inspires me to serve Him. ||3||

Brmu gieAw BY moh ibnwsy imitAw sgl ivsUrw ] (748-12)
bharam ga-i-aa bhai moh binaasay miti-aa sagal visooraa.
My doubts have gone, my fears and infatuations have been dispelled, and all my sorrows are gone.

nwnk dieAw krI suKdwqY ByitAw siqguru pUrw ]4]5]52] (748-13)
naanak da-i-aa karee sukh-daatai bhayti-aa satgur pooraa. ||4||5||52||
O Nanak, the Lord, the Giver of peace has been merciful to me. I have met the Perfect True Guru. ||4||5||52||

sUhI mhlw 5 ] (748-14)
soohee mehlaa 5.
Soohee, Fifth Mehl:

jb kCu n sIE qb ikAw krqw kvn krm kir AwieAw ] (748-14)
jab kachh na see-o tab ki-aa kartaa kavan karam kar aa-i-aa.
When nothing existed, what deeds were being done? And what karma caused anyone to be born at all?

Apnw Kylu Awip kir dyKY Twkuir rcnu rcwieAw ]1] (748-14)
apnaa khayl aap kar daykhai thaakur rachan rachaa-i-aa. ||1||
The Lord Himself set His play in motion, and He Himself beholds it. He created the Creation. ||1||

myry rwm rwie muJ qy kCU n hoeI ] (748-15)
mayray raam raa-ay mujh tay kachhoo na ho-ee.
O my Sovereign Lord, I cannot do anything at all by myself.

Awpy krqw Awip krwey srb inrMqir soeI ]1] rhwau ] (748-15)
aapay kartaa aap karaa-ay sarab nirantar so-ee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
He Himself is the Creator, He Himself is the Cause. He is pervading deep within all. ||1||Pause||

gxqI gxI n CUtY kqhU kwcI dyh ieAwxI ] (748-16)
gantee ganee na chhootai kathoo kaachee dayh i-aanee.
If my account were to be judged, I would never be saved. My body is transitory and ignorant.

ik®pw krhu pRB krxYhwry qyrI bKs inrwlI ]2] (748-16)
kirpaa karahu parabh karnaihaaray tayree bakhas niraalee. ||2||
Take pity upon me, O Creator Lord God; Your Forgiving Grace is singular and unique. ||2||

jIA jMq sB qyry kIqy Git Git quhI iDAweIAY ] (748-17)
jee-a jant sabh tayray keetay ghat ghat tuhee Dhi-aa-ee-ai.
You created all beings and creatures. Each and every heart meditates on You.

qyrI giq imiq qUhY jwxih kudriq kIm n pweIAY ]3] (748-17)
tayree gat mit toohai jaaneh kudrat keem na paa-ee-ai. ||3||
Your condition and expanse are known only to You; the value of Your creative omnipotence cannot be estimated. ||3||

inrguxu mugDu Ajwxu AigAwnI krm Drm nhI jwxw ] (748-18)
nirgun mugaDh ajaan agi-aanee karam Dharam nahee jaanaa.
I am worthless, foolish, thoughtless and ignorant. I know nothing about good actions and righteous living.

dieAw krhu nwnku gux gwvY imTw lgY qyrw Bwxw ]4]6]53] (748-19)
da-i-aa karahu naanak gun gaavai mithaa lagai tayraa bhaanaa. ||4||6||53||
Take pity on Nanak, that he may sing Your Glorious Praises; and that Your Will may seem sweet to him. ||4||6||53||

sUhI mhlw 5 ] (748-19)
soohee mehlaa 5.
Soohee, Fifth Mehl:


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD