Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD


ijs no dieAwlu hovY myrw suAwmI iqsu gurisK gurU aupdysu suxwvY ] (306-1)
jis no da-i-aal hovai mayraa su-aamee tis gursikh guroo updays sunaavai.
That person, unto whom my Lord and Master is kind and compassionate - upon that GurSikh, the Guru's Teachings are bestowed.

jnu nwnku DUiV mMgY iqsu gurisK kI jo Awip jpY Avrh nwmu jpwvY ]2] (306-2)
jan naanak Dhoorh mangai tis gursikh kee jo aap japai avrah naam japaavai. ||2||
Servant Nanak begs for the dust of the feet of that GurSikh, who himself chants the Naam, and inspires others to chant it. ||2||

pauVI ] (306-2)

jo quDu scu iDAwiedy sy ivrly QoVy ] (306-2)
jo tuDh sach Dhi-aa-iday say virlay thorhay.
Those who meditate on You, O True Lord - they are very rare.

jo min iciq ieku ArwDdy iqn kI brkiq Kwih AsMK kroVy ] (306-3)
jo man chit ik araaDh-day tin kee barkat khaahi asaNkh karorhay.
Those who worship and adore the One Lord in their conscious minds - through their generosity, countless millions are fed.

quDuno sB iDAwiedI sy Qwie pey jo swihb loVy ] (306-3)
tuDhuno sabh Dhi-aa-idee say thaa-ay pa-ay jo saahib lorhay.
All meditate on You, but they alone are accepted, who are pleasing to their Lord and Master.

jo ibnu siqgur syvy Kwdy pYndy sy muey mir jMmy koVHy ] (306-4)
jo bin satgur sayvay khaaday painday say mu-ay mar jammay korhHay.
Those who eat and dress without serving the True Guru die; after death, those wretched lepers are consigned to reincarnation.

Eie hwjru imTw boldy bwhir ivsu kFih muiK Goly ] (306-4)
o-ay haajar mithaa bolday baahar vis kadheh mukh gholay.
In His Sublime Presence, they talk sweetly, but behind His back, they exude poison from their mouths.

min Koty diX ivCoVy ]11] (306-5)
man khotay da-yi vichhorhay. ||11||
The evil-minded are consigned to separation from the Lord. ||11||

slok mÚ 4 ] (306-5)
salok mehlaa 4.
Shalok, Fourth Mehl:

mlu jUeI BirAw nIlw kwlw iKDolVw iqin vymuiK vymuKY no pwieAw ] (306-5)
mal joo-ee bhari-aa neelaa kaalaa khiDholrhaa tin vaimukh vaymukhai no paa-i-aa.
The faithless baymukh sent out his faithless servant, wearing a blue-black coat, filled with filth and vermin.

pwis n dyeI koeI bhix jgq mih gUh piV sgvI mlu lwie mnmuKu AwieAw ] (306-6)
paas na day-ee ko-ee bahan jagat meh gooh parh sagvee mal laa-ay manmukh aa-i-aa.
No one in the world will sit near him; the self-willed manmukh fell into manure, and returned with even more filth covering him.

prweI jo inMdw cuglI no vymuKu kir kY ByijAw EQY BI muhu kwlw duhw vymuKw dw krwieAw ] (306-7)
paraa-ee jo nindaa chuglee no vaimukh kar kai bhayji-aa othai bhee muhu kaalaa duhaa vaymukhaa daa karaa-i-aa.
The faithless baymukh was sent to slander and back-bite others, but when he went there, the faces of both he and his faithless master were blackened instead.

qV suixAw sBqu jgq ivic BweI vymuKu sxY nPrY paulI paudI Pwvw hoie kY auiT Gir AwieAw ] (306-8)
tarh suni-aa sabhat jagat vich bhaa-ee vaimukh sanai nafrai pa-ulee pa-udee faavaa ho-ay kai uth ghar aa-i-aa.
It was immediately heard throughout the whole world, O Siblings of Destiny, that this faithless man, along with his servant, was kicked and beaten with shoes; in humiliation, they got up and returned to their homes.

AgY sMgqI kuVmI vymuKu rlxw n imlY qw vhutI BqIjØI iPir Awix Gir pwieAw ] (306-9)
agai sangtee kurhmee vaimukh ralnaa na milai taa vahutee bhateejeeN fir aan ghar paa-i-aa.
The faithless baymukh was not allowed to mingle with others; his wife and niece then brought him home to lie down.

hlqu plqu dovY gey inq BuKw kUky iqhwieAw ] (306-10)
halat palat dovai ga-ay nit bhukhaa kookay tihaa-i-aa.
He has lost both this world and the next; he cries out continually, in hunger and thirst.

Dnu Dnu suAwmI krqw purKu hY ijin inAwau scu bih Awip krwieAw ] (306-10)
Dhan Dhan su-aamee kartaa purakh hai jin ni-aa-o sach bahi aap karaa-i-aa.
Blessed, blessed is the Creator, the Primal Being, our Lord and Master; He Himself sits and dispenses true justice.

jo inMdw kry siqgur pUry kI so swcY mwir pcwieAw ] (306-11)
jo nindaa karay satgur pooray kee so saachai maar pachaa-i-aa.
One who slanders the Perfect True Guru is punished and destroyed by the True Lord.

eyhu AKru iqin AwiKAw ijin jgqu sBu aupwieAw ]1] (306-12)
ayhu akhar tin aakhi-aa jin jagat sabh upaa-i-aa. ||1||
This Word is spoken by the One who created the whole universe. ||1||

mÚ 4 ] (306-12)
mehlaa 4.
Fourth Mehl:

swihbu ijs kw ngw BuKw hovY iqs dw nPru ikQhu rij Kwey ] (306-12)
saahib jis kaa nangaa bhukhaa hovai tis daa nafar kithhu raj khaa-ay.
One who has a poor beggar for a master - how can he be well-fed?

ij swihb kY Gir vQu hovY su nPrY hiQ AwvY AxhodI ikQhu pwey ] (306-13)
je saahib kai ghar vath hovai so nafrai hath aavai anhodee kithhu paa-ay.
If there is something in his master's house, he can get it; but how can he get what is not there?

ijs dI syvw kIqI iPir lyKw mMgIAY sw syvw AauKI hoeI ] (306-14)
jis dee sayvaa keetee fir laykhaa mangee-ai saa sayvaa a-ukhee ho-ee.
Serving him, who will be called to answer for his account? That service is painful and useless.

nwnk syvw krhu hir gur sPl drsn kI iPir lyKw mMgY n koeI ]2] (306-14)
naanak sayvaa karahu har gur safal darsan kee fir laykhaa mangai na ko-ee. ||2||
O Nanak, serve the Guru, the Lord Incarnate; the Blessed Vision of His Darshan is profitable, and in the end, you shall not be called to account. ||2||

pauVI ] (306-15)

nwnk vIcwrih sMq jn cwir vyd khMdy ] (306-15)
naanak vichaareh sant jan chaar vayd kahanday.
O Nanak, the Saints consider, and the four Vedas proclaim,

Bgq muKY qy boldy sy vcn hovMdy ] (306-16)
bhagat mukhai tay bolday say vachan hovanday.
that whatever the Lord's devotees utter with their mouths, shall come to pass.

pRgt phwrw jwpdw siB lok suxMdy ] (306-16)
pargat pahaaraa jaapdaa sabh lok sunanday.
He is manifest in His cosmic workshop. All people hear of this.

suKu n pwiein mugD nr sMq nwil KhMdy ] (306-16)
sukh na paa-in mugaDh nar sant naal khahanday.
The stubborn men who fight with the Saints shall never find peace.

Eie locin Enw guxY no Eie AhMkwir sVMdy ] (306-17)
o-ay lochan onaa gunai no o-ay ahaNkaar sarhanday.
The Saints seek to bless them with virtue, but they only burn in their egos.

Eie ivcwry ikAw krih jw Bwg Duir mMdy ] (306-17)
o-ay vichaaray ki-aa karahi jaa bhaag Dhur manday.
What can those wretched ones do, since, from the very beginning, their destiny is cursed with evil.

jo mwry iqin pwrbRhim sy iksY n sMdy ] (306-18)
jo maaray tin paarbarahm say kisai na sanday.
Those who are struck down by the Supreme Lord God are of no use to anyone.

vYru krih inrvYr nwil Drm inAwie pcMdy ] (306-18)
vair karahi nirvair naal Dharam ni-aa-ay pachanday.
Those who hate the One who has no hatred - according to the true justice of Dharma, they shall perish.

jo jo sMiq srwipAw sy iPrih BvMdy ] (306-19)
jo jo sant saraapi-aa say fireh bhavanday.
Those who are cursed by the Saints will continue wandering aimlessly.

pyfu muMFwhUM kitAw iqsu fwl sukMdy ]12] (306-19)
payd muNdhaahooN kati-aa tis daal sukanday. ||12||
When the tree is cut off at its roots, the branches wither and die. ||12||

slok mÚ 4 ] (306-19)
salok mehlaa 4.
Shalok Fourth Mehl:


Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, English Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa, MD; Phonetic Transliteration by Dr. Kulbir Singh Thind, MD